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Schedule: Monday - Friday: 9:00 - 7:00 504-1869
Schedule: Monday - Friday: 9:00 - 7:00 504-1869
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My name is Glynn Suzanne Vincent. I was born in Orlando. I love living in this city and have loved raising my family here. For the last 13+ years I have worked as a program analyst with the U.S. Army.  I am a professional "noticer" - managing funds and timelines. But, over the last years, I felt a heart-calling to shift towards the mental health counseling field/profession. In August 2021 I began my FT masters level coursework in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program at Palm Beach Atlantic University Orlando. I am on track to graduate in Dec 2023 with a concentration in Trauma/Crisis Intervention.  

I am a learner, a listener, and my graduate level education at PBA is equipping me to support clients on their mental health journey. I will provide a therapeutic space allowing clients to be safe and brave. We can explore important questions like, "Where are you?", "Where were you?", and "Where do you want to be?"

In my coursework and personal curiosities, I find that I lean towards several counseling theories but have openness to find accommodating approaches or tools to support the needs of my clients. I have taken time to focus on evidence-based, talk-based approaches that aim towards wholeness, not perfection. These approaches include Person-Centered Therapy (Rogerian), Mindfulness/Acceptance Based CBT (MBCBT), Interpersonal Neurobiology (Dr. Dan Siegel), Gestalt techniques (Wholeness/Here & Now), and Jungian Psychoanalytic therapy/concepts.

For clients who are interested, I have been a student of the Enneagram and Meyer Briggs personality tools for several years and enjoy the common language they offer for self-awareness and giving grace towards others. I am also a certified yoga instructor and appreciate the value in noticing what our bodies might have to say about our stories. 

Your presence matters here on planet Earth. There is tremendous value in human connection, and we were not meant to do life all alone. We need community. Being willing to show up to a counseling room with another human is 80% of the challenge and I want to be with you in that process. I would love the opportunity to start this journey with you.

Fun Facts: I love being a mom and wife. Our family loves concerts - all kinds of music. I enjoy singing, playing piano, creative writing, and practicing yoga. I love incense and houseplants… maybe too much. I am involved in my local church and work in the youth program and on the worship team. We have two doggos who are 8 years old. And, I love MS Excel.

My Professional Memberships include American Counseling Assoc. (ACA), Florida Mental Health Counseling Assoc. (FMHCA) and International Somatic Movement Education & Therapy Assoc. (ISMETA)

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Glynn Suzanne Vincent

Mental Health Counselor Student Intern

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