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Published: November 11, 2022

What does Rejection have to do with Sexual Intimacy?

When it comes to talking about sex, we often focus on the positive aspects – pleasure, connection, intimacy. These are all important aspects of sexual intimacy! However, one of the most important things we need to discuss is rejection. Why? Because rejection is an inevitable part of any intimate relationship.

And yet, we often don't talk about it.

Rejection is hard. It can be hurtful, confusing, and frustrating. But it's a normal part of any relationship – including sexual relationships. In fact, learning how to deal with rejection is an important part of developing a healthy and happy sexual relationship.

Why is rejection such a big deal? Because sex is such an intimate act. When we open ourselves up sexually to someone else, we are exposing our most vulnerable selves. And that vulnerability can be scary!

That's why it's so important to build trust and communication with your partner before getting sexually involved. If you can't communicate openly and honestly about your desires, fears, and needs, then you're not going to be successful in your relationship.

Sex is an important part of any relationship, but it's not always easy to talk about. One thing we often don't discuss enough is rejection. Rejection is a normal and inevitable part of any intimate relationship. It can be difficult to deal with, but it's important to remember that rejection doesn't mean you're not good enough. If you're struggling to deal with rejection in your relationship, why not take your first step in opening up to your partner today?

By Allison Curtis, MA
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