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         Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern IMH16306


Are you seeking another human that understands the importance of feeling heard, connected and a sense of belonging? Do you want to connect with a therapist that is committed to understanding your unique journey? Together, we will be curious about what experiences lie beneath the surface of your life & work to transform those experiences into healing & empowerment. Every human is interconnected & our journey is to discover our unique gifts to bring light forward in the world. The path towards sustaining joy, growing resiliency, and personal wholeness involves getting to know each part of ourselves.
My own personal journey of meeting long disowned parts of myself with compassion & love allows me to offer unconditional guidance, love, and wisdom for your journey. As a highly sensitive human and therapist, I understand the silent struggle and unspoken words that may need to have a voice during the journey to your highest potential.
My passion is guiding your transformation from distress to a life that lights you up and enhances your most cherished relationships. Together we'll design a holistic approach, through the use of various modalities, that focuses on your needs & goals. Click my website today to set up your free consultation.  |  psychology today generic therapist

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