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Published: March 17, 2022

How to Wake Up Early and Crush Your Morning: Habits, Beliefs, and Practice

There are a lot of myths surrounding morning people. You've probably heard that morning people are "natural athletes" or "naturally talented." The truth is, morning people are just like everyone else. They have to work at it. And, more importantly, they have to believe in themselves.

How you spend your morning has a huge impact on the rest of your day. If you wake up early and use that time to work on your goals, you'll be much more likely to achieve them. However, if you spend your morning sleeping in and watching TV, you'll probably have a harder time reaching your goals. Your habits, beliefs, and practice and great predictors of how hard it's going to be for you wake up crush your day.

Morning people know that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to. They start their day with a positive attitude and a clear goal in mind. And, most importantly, they believe in themselves. If you want to be a morning person, you need to have the same mindset.

One of the most important things you can do is create a morning routine that works for you. That might mean going for a run, meditating, writing in your journal, or reading the news. Whatever it is, make sure it's something that will help you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day ahead. These are just a few of the habits and beliefs that morning people have in common. If you want to become a morning person, it's important to start by changing your mindset. Then, create a morning routine that works for you and stick to it. With enough practice, you'll be waking up early and crushing your morning in no time!

Here are some questions to inspire some thoughts:

1. What are some morning rituals that have helped you be successful? 

2. How do you avoid distractions in the morning and set yourself up for success? 

3. What are some tips for getting focused and motivated in the mornings? 

4. Is there a specific order in which you should complete your morning tasks? 

5. Are there any strategies that you use to keep your mornings productive, without sacrificing time with family or friends?

If you want to be a morning person, it’s important that you have the same mindset. Changing your routine is one thing, but if you don’t believe that waking up early will make you happier and more productive, then you won’t stick to it. The best way to change your mindset is by starting small. Change one or two things about your current morning routine and see how it goes. Once you get into the habit of waking up earlier and doing things that make you happy, it will be easier to add other activities to your routine. And before you know it, you’ll be a bona fide morning person!

by Zachary Dodson, MA, CCHt, LMHC
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